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Deliciously Different Dumplings

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Welcome to MoMoMo home of the

deliciously different dumpling

The mighty momo is a traditional delicacy hailing from the heady heights of Nepal, Tibet, India and Bhutan.
We’ve taken this Himalayan snack and made a meal of it. Literally. Our delicious momos are saucier, fuller and tastier than your classic momo. We’re more than just momos, that’s why we’re called Mo’MoMo

Our Favourite MoMoMo Bowls

Our deliciously deep filled bowls come with your choice of momo and tasty base, topped with one of our unique MoMoMo sauces. Now get MoMoMo-ing.

Timur Pepper Chicken Momos and Rice

Tuck into our yummy Timur Pepper Chicken Momos. Succulent organic chicken clothed in a delightful steamed dumpling.

Fragrant Spiced Beef with Chow Mein

Sink your teeth into our fragrant Spiced Beef Momos. Juicy tender beef wrapped in a softly steamed flour blanket. MoMoMos with Mo’ Moo.

Spicy Jackfruit with Greens

Delight your taste buds with our Spicy Jackfruit & Vegetable dumplings. These MoMoMos are bursting with flavour and goodness.


Ready, steady, order. Your MoMoMo’s await

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