Our Story

Sanjeev, (that’s our founder) was out and about in London
when he fancied some MoMo’s for his lunch. He looked all
over the place but couldn’t find anywhere serving his
favourite Asian snack.

‘No MoMo’s in London,’ he said to his wife ‘This needs

‘I have an idea,’ Sanjeev announced, ‘I will open a MoMo
restaurant. It will be called MoMoMo.I will make a meal out of

Sanjeev wasted no time and contacted his mate Arthur,
the other co-founder via Zoom. (It was 2021, lockdown and all that.)

‘Arthur,’ Sanjeev said, ‘there’s no Momo restaurants in London’

‘You’re having a laugh,’ replied Arthur, ‘We can’t have that!’

They hatched a tasty plan.

Sanjeev assembled a crack team of MoMoing specialists.
The A -team of MoMo’s. They wasted no time at all and began
creating the tastiest MoMo dishes in the London.

The mouth watering MoMo’s were released into the world.
Their mission was simple, to delight and excite taste buds
across London. Yum.

We hope that you’ll love our MoMoMos as much as we do. Each and every momo is made with love and a big smile. We adore bringing our customers these delicious Himalayan staples, bursting with the flavours of Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and India. MoMoMo’s mission is simple.

We exist to create the tastiest best quality food we can. And we try our Mo’best to make sure all our ingredients are fresh and organic.

We also think that our planet’s wellbeing is vital and we promise to try our best to be as sustainable & eco friendly as we can. And last but not least, we pledge to treat everyone with kindness, respect and good will. And that goes for all our staff, suppliers and of course our customers.

This also means we do our bit for our local communities by helping out local charities and causes wherever there is a MoMoMo. Let’s spread Mo’ love.